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There are many pen sites on the internet that offer to repair fountain pens. The bigger the site appears, the less they are likely to do repairs themselves and will usually send them to a handful of specialists like myself, who have the parts and tools necessary to do the job safely. One of the advantages therefore, of sending your pens to someone like me, is that you cut out the middleman and your treasured writing instrument spends less time traversing the postal system.

The idea for 'The Pen Wizard' came from the frequency with which customers would send me pens for repair with the message 'Can you work your magic on this one'?

The fact is - I have in my workshop what is probably the largest collection of spare parts for pens, pencils, ball pens and rollerballs anywhere in the world. I am not infallible, of course. Some repairs may need parts which, despite my extensive stocks, I simply do not have. In these cases I can often refer you to another restorer who specialises in your particular model.

Please note that it is much better to send a pen to me for repair, rather than purchasing the parts and trying to fit them yourself. There are many reasons for this such as matching colour shades and thread sizes, plus the fact that matching parts to old pens is often a case of trial and error. Also, many repairs for very old pens require rare, original tools in order not to cause damage.


My basic charge for handling any writing instrument is £20 (£25 for more complicated pens such as Sheaffer Snorkel, Touchdown or Onoto, which take much longer to repair). Any parts that need replacing will, of course, add to the  price. 

It is simply not possible to quote, evaluate or comment on a pen without seeing it. After examination I will email you a quote. Should you decide not to proceed, I will return the pen - no charge - so you have nothing to lose. I am not like other restorers who charge £10 or more for examining a pen whether you go ahead with the repair or not (see my opening paragraph). My turnaround time at the moment is about 15 working days from the date of payment, although I would ask you to be patient as I am now semi-retired and some weeks receive far more repairs than I can comfortably handle in this time scale.

I guarantee all repairs for the original fault for 3 months from the date you receive them back.

I recommend you wrap your pens in bubble wrap and send in a Jiffy or Mail-Lite bag by Recorded or Special Delivery or internationally by some form of registered mail. Please send the complete pen and not just the part you think needs repairing. Post to:

Peter Twydle,  Highlo,  Greenacre Park,  Hornsea,  HU18 1UW,  England

Or email me at:

My operation is 'internet only' and I regret I can no longer accommodate personal visitors

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